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How does a differential pressure transmitter work?

Issuing time:2016-07-15 16:20

A differential pressure transmitter works by sensing the difference between two different ports and then producing a signal that corresponds to a certain range of calibrated pressure.

Usually this set of functions requires that the differential pressure transmitter be built with two different cases. One of these cases holds the pressure sensing element, while the other houses the electronics that can send out the calibrated pressure signal.

It is necessary to measure and regulate certain amounts of differential pressure. This type of regulation and measurement is usually called for in industrial settings, though there are also certain residential buildings and systems that require regulation. This can help with maintaining things like flow, density, viscosity, level and temperature. These can be applied to different types of fluids and liquids in a home or business.

The most common method of measuring and regulating differential pressures in a system is through the use of a differential pressure transmitter. This uses a set of electronics, housed about the flow of liquid itself, that can send a message that relays the pressure of the liquid itself. Depending on the type of system being monitored and maintained, this signal can be interpreted by another device that makes sure the differential pressures return to a certain predetermined range.

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